Tree Planting:

The planting of 30 indigenous trees in the Stoker’s Arms area will in years to come, yield a fabulous green belt in the CBD, attracting birds and butterflies.

Chris Dalzell sourced them and his staff spent a day planting them in and with the regular rainfall now, they will be off to a good start.


Youth4Kloof Program:

School holidays usually mean a gap in our litter pickup scheduling but not this year! A group of keen youngsters did a great job picking up bags and bags of litter from along the railway line area. What a shame that we even have this problem with tossing, but a positive is, there are folk like them that are prepared to clean up and have pride.


Youth4Kloof island:

A school holiday activity involving pupils from Kloof Senior Primary, Thomas More College and Kloof High, helped us achieve a long-standing wish to have a weedy, pebbled island near the Telkom depot completely overhauled, filled with soil and planted up as a feature island.

Under the direction of Chris Dalzell, this was truly one of our most eye-catching improvements in the CBD this year.


Stokers Car guard:

A tatty spot at the tree in the median across from Stokers Arms gave us an opportunity to create a special touch with the simple addition of a recycled plastic bench and duzi pebbles below, and a litter bin for the car guard to take responsibility for keeping his immediate area clean.


Humpy Bridge:

Humpy Bridge in Old Main Road has been given lots of TLC of late with the support of local business: Brian and Bob Watts, T-Rifik Painters and LMS.

The history around this landmark Kloof bridge is fascinating and we will be sharing it on this website soon.

Sandy Path
Both Fields Centre islands at the Old Main Road entrances, enjoyed a complete overhaul!

We have two new Adopt a Spot sites secured; one across from the SPCA entrance which we transformed some time ago into a grassy park with trees that are all doing well.

Grasschoppers have taken up the challenge and are caring for the vast area beautifully.

The other, the area immediately alongside the Muddy Dog complex, by Tech 5 who sponsor this website. This is in the process of enjoying a transformation starting with the removal of all invasive alien vegetation on the fence-line bordering the M13.

National Road Pharmacy invited us to be part of an initiative to improve the tatty potholed car park bordering the M13 across from their business. The timing proved perfect as Aqua Transport were in the vicinity with all their road re-surfacing machinery, and with the help of local residents and consulting engineer Martin Gardiner, permission was given to resurface the road as well as the car park. The generosity of Aqua Transport (also local business owners and residents) is so appreciated! Next will be a length of fence-line to match that of the one further up opposite KwikSpar done a few years back, and some attractive gardening to complete the new look. Three cheers to National Road Pharmacy for their financial commitment to this costly project too.


We identified two tatty, rusty and leaning fence lines in the CBD, which were also acting as a support for invasive plant growth. The Parks Department assisted in their removal, and then brush cutting in the immediate vicinity to provide a more open and neat visual effect.

The Western Aquaduct project has forced us to re-look at further improving Spar Walk, just for the short term. The contractors are soon to construct a temporary roadway from Church Road across the line into Village Road for the duration of the work along Church and Willingdon Roads. We have been assured that any damage to plants and infrastructure at Spar Walk, that took us years of hard work and money to achieve, will under their contractual obligations, be restored completely.

Sandy Path  
A sandy path has had a facelift with concrete railway sleeper steps creating an aesthetically pleasing stairway in its place.
Locals walking to Fields Centre via the h-bridge, will use this to reach the verge across from the Mall.
kloof town hall
You may have noticed that the old, dilapidated rusty fence line, between Stokers playground and the start of the little bridge, has been removed.
The grass will be cut next week and it should blend in neatly into the railway reserve property; another huge visual improvement for the CBD.

Spar Upgrade:

kloof town hall

We have completed our work for now upgrading the Maytime parking area directly across from the KwikSpar.

Feedback has been favourable and we are happy that the area is now looking closer to how we would expect Kloof to be.


Our Kloof Civic Hall (fondly referred to as our Town Hall), has for many reasons, over the years, become "a neglected old lady". It is well used by many organisations as a meeting venue,and the occasional wedding reception is held there.

kloof town hall

In keeping with our ethos of retaining the historical value of Kloof, as much as is practical and possible, we have begun a process of negotiating immediate and medium-term repair and maintenance, in collaboration with appropriate Municipal Departments.

We are also following the course of the Heritage Association, so any improvements comply with their guidelines, to retain the historical character of the building and its grounds.

We are currently in close contact with AMAFA and the municipal Heritage Architect, and plans are afoot to sensitively address the refurbishment of elements that are in need of TLC. Interior painting is already underway, but rest assured the grand old lady is good hands going forward!

You may have already noticed the gardens near the front entrance have been revamped, and once the Spring rains arrive, they should flourish.

Keep Kloof Beautiful Projects

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Keep Kloof Beautiful Projects

To channel our local graffiti talent in a positive and constructive way, our ‘legal’ mobile art screen at Spar Walk was erected in June 2012. 

Sure to become a talking point in the community…

gr Projects