Without doubt, our most successful and visible effort in reviving a neglected area of Kloof!

In October 2011, Martin Shum of Village Mall SuperSpar, expressed his concern at the state of the railway crossing between St Agnes Church and Old Main Road, where many of his shoppers walk. He offered to become fully involved if we were to seize the moment and form a joint venture with SuperSpar, to give this entire area a facelift. After negotiations with Transnet and other stakeholders, the plan came together relatively smoothly.

The alien trees were felled by Transnet, and SuperSpar paid for the timber to be removed from the site. Garden beds were dug over using sponsored Denny Mushroom compost, and the services of two part-time gardeners employed by SuperSpar. Rosie Drummond a local landscaper gave freely of her time and expertise to ensure that indigenous hardy plant material was attractively planted.

Stokers have installed a flood light to increase security for pedestrians crossing.

Below you can find an overview of the various stages of the Spar Walk project. Please click on an image to enlarge.

KKB Spar Walk Project   KKB Spar Walk Project   KKB Spar Walk Project
Spar Walk Before   Church Rd Side Almost Complete   Railway Crossing
KKB Spar Walk Project        
Up Up And Away        

2 ½ years later and still looking good!

KKB Spar Walk Project   KKB Spar Walk Project   KKB Spar Walk Project