An ongoing blight on our community, and in many cases, a result of lack of education having taken place from a young age, and general lack of interest due to numbers of non-resident pedestrians passing through.

The litter and black-bag contents being strewn along the railway line, has been our immediate priority. Ongoing pressure on Transnet to do a major once off clean up under the set of bridges opposite Fields Centre has paid off at last.

KKB Spar Walk Project KKB Spar Walk Project KKB Spar Walk Project

We have drawn in 3 schools in Kloof, by way of a Youth For Kloof initiative launched in October 2011.

Every fortnight, a team of scholars will be picking up litter along the stretch of railway line running between St Agnes Church and the small bridge opposite Fields Centre. DSW supply black bags, and Stoker’s refreshments for our community-minded teens. The schools are KLOOF SENIOR PRIMARY, ST MARY’S and KLOOF HIGH SCHOOL. During the school holidays, we as a committee, along with willing others, will take up their duties. If you are happy to help us, please let us know via the CONTACT US tab.

A Kloof resident, Kirsten King, has single-handedly taken up the challenge of litter along the stretch of railway line near Willingdon Avenue.
She has roped in neighbours to contribute a monthly wage to a previously unemployed man who has proved to be a reliable and good worker.
The volume of waste that he collects each week makes one realise the difference that one motivated person can make in their private capacity.
Come on Kloof residents, take a page out of Kirsten’s book!