A stretch of Old Main Road across from Stoker’s Arms, showing a vast improvement on 2 years ago.

We strive to maintain this and other islands in the CBD, in the long-term, with the help of our local Parks Department, local businesses adopting certain islands, and using monies from Friends of KKBA and fundraisers, to pay for labour and materials.

The CBD is increasingly busy and all three malls have their own issues.

Fields Centre recently gave SPCA the opportunity to show their gardening talents. The results are most appealing, if it were not for the tossing of empty packets and cool-drink bottles into the beds and flowerpots, by thoughtless people!

Village Mall are conscientious about their surrounding flower beds. We recently painted the Makaranga tree trunks alongside the BP garage, which rendered the bark useless to muti-collectors who were stripping it and would have eventually caused the death of these established indigenous trees.

Delcairn Centre, recently sold to another property group, have been notified regarding their inadequate and poor management of waste in the area facing St Mary’s Road. The have since erected a structure, which hides this area from public view and has considerably improved the situation.

We are aiming to negotiate a shopping-mall-garden assistant training course in conjunction with the SPCA horticulture division, to help them improve on their work, and ensure correct care of the plants.