Kloof is an area of profound natural beauty and environmental significance.

We would be delighted if you would do your bit to keep it that way by removing all Invasive Alien Plants [AIP] from your own garden.

The solutions are really easy if approached systematically and we are offering assistance at cost price to you for the identification and eradication of IAPs, and training for your gardener on follow-up methods. or please call 083 626 8684.

For a comprehensive overvieuw of these Invasive Alien Plants, download the IAP IDENTI-POSTER HERE.

Historically the domain and field of expertise of the Kloof Conservancy, we are complementing them to a degree by a small project that has begun. Two of our committee members have been methodically and diligently walking through the suburbs, identifying alien invasive plants on verges and boundaries, and leaving a encouraging note with red and white bunting tie on the culprit plant. It is hoped that this will bring to home-owners attention, in a completely non-confrontational way, that the identified plant really should be dug up or poisoned by themselves, if they are to contribute to the eradication of this huge problem in Kloof, and render their properties environmentally balanced.

Have a look at the WESSA-KZN IAP Leaflet

KKB Spar Walk Project
KKB members ID & Tagging IAP